Analysis & Planning

Be Prepared. Be Productive. Be Profitable.

Whenever I hear the terms "Analysis & Planning" I think of the scene in Batman: The Dark Knight. where the Joker lights a big pile of money on fire. As a business owner, I cannot afford to waste time and money on academia, only for the sake of learning something I already knew.

That's why Bailey & Associates is committed to being efficient and thorough while developing your marketing strategy. We use the LEAN startup mentality of driving your marketing plan and we have 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales and promotion to get the results you need.

The 4 P's

Product. Price. Place. Promotion.

Established SMB's will have this information at the ready, where startups may need help answering the two most critical questions in a good marketing plan: "What are we Selling?" and "Who are we Selling to?"

Put another way can clearly disseminate the What, Where, Why and How much? It's important to understand how you do what you say your going to do! We provide direction and templates to guide our process and get the most from our planning sessions.


People Connecting with People.

Now that we know the supply side of the equation, we will want to learn about and identify your customers? Who are your best customers and why? What do they do? What are their goals and challenges? Why would they buy a particular product or service? Why would they buy from you, instead of a competitor? What keeps your customers awake at night and what do they do for fun?

There are a lot of business owners who know their market, but there is much more power in knowing your customer! If you know your customer, then you can articulate your shared value. If you share value with your customer, then you can connect with them, understand their needs and create lasting business relationships.

Shared Value

Engender Trust and Through Social Change

Shared Value is a relatively new term in the business community. Sure, it makes sense that you and your customer will mutually benefit from your transaction, but small-businesses are in a unique position to benefit from "Shared Value" product, service and distribution models that specifically benefit those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Think about how your business can benefit from creating shared value or joining in objectives that also create social value. Now you have something to talk about in all of your advertising and social media!