Digital Marketing

Be Seen. Be Social. Be Successful.

More and more people are accessing the internet by smart devices and doing research on products and services before making a purchase. With so much information at our fingertips, being seen on a digital medium becomes even more important. Use various digital marketing techniques to get your brand and services visible to the masses.

Social Media

No More Cat Videos!

That is unless, of course, provide products, services, or content to cat owners! We're not saying that cat videos won't drive engagement for your company. It's a good idea to mix engagement and educational posts.

Social Media is the outlet where you establish shared value with your customer in the online channels where you customer spends their time. Your goal is to connect with people, engender trust and communicate your identity and value beyond making money.

The 3 Fastest Forms of Communication?

Telegraph. Telephone. Tell-a-Woman.

Hands down... research shows that women are the primary users of social media. When you engage in direct web-based communication such as Facebook messenger, chat, text, or Instagram you will most likely be talking to a woman, especially when dealing in consumer goods. Email and text are more dominated by men when engaging in business-to-business communication.

Direct Communication tools are perfect when you want to be more vocal, expressive, and personable. This is also the channel where it is socially acceptable to present an offer. Direct communication engines are key to reaching the right person.

Digital and Interactive Media

Audio. Video. Banners. Newsletters.

By 2020, 83% of all internet usage will be spent watching video. Producing digital and interactive media and delivering it to the right person at the right time is going to be challenge over the next ten years.

Luckily, new and sophisticated equipment, software, and drones are becoming more affordable. The challenge is finding the right talent. Our professional photographers and videographers produce interactive content that tells your story.