Traditional Marketing

Be Active. Be Assured. Be Awesome.

With the surge of digital marketing most would assume traditional marketing has no place in today's market. This assumption is incorrect. Traditional marketing is still effective with raising brand awareness and promoting events. With the right method your traditional marketing strategy can bring in new customers ready to buy your products and services.

Broadcast Media

Creative. Compelling.

Consumers trust companies that advertise on local TV and radio. People who see or hear broadcast media also gain a higher Top-of-mind awareness and feel that the advertiser is more reputable and established.

Broadcast content is easily re-purposed for interactive and social media. For instance, radio is the only platform that reaches consumers during drive-time! Compelling and creative television advertising gives your message a high level of intimacy and can elicit a highly emotional responses. Broadcast media is a great choice to drive traffic to your digital platform.

Print Media

Direct Mail. Signs. Brochures.

Sometimes getting your message to specific people can be a challenge. If you are advertising an event, targeting foot and vehicle traffic, or needing sales and marketing collateral, print media is an effective way to reach local consumers

Grand openings, community events, concerts, and service activities are just a few of the local events that can benefit by print media. Include a QR code to drive traffic to your site and create an offer that customers can't refuse!

Public Relations

Aware. Credible. News-worthy.

Public Relations is a critical component of any marketing plan - big or small. Finding ways to build a credibility reputation, raise awareness, tailor your message and generate business leads is the job of your PR professional.

Anytime you have a story to tell, Public relations is the way to do it. Publishing to thousands of news and PR outlets will get you notice and get you links.